The first one of many random New York posts

Hi there, I am one of the traveling cats, the ugly one to be specific. While my girlfriend will be posting all the good and helpful stuff to our blog, occasionally I will sneak in for a post like this, where I will share with you a thing or two that we fell in love on the road. It can be a restaurant, or a good photo spot, or a show, or anything. Hopefully one day when you visit the cities we visited and stumble upon the local brunch spot we loved, or a piece of souvenirs we picked, you will share our excitement and joy.

You will read a lot about New York on our blog. We met on Christmas in New York six years ago, but more on that later. The city is my home away from home and every day I wish I could bring my partner in crime back to New York for a day, a week, a month, a year. The love of New York grows inside me but the city is ever more beautiful when we are together.

New York is often thought of as a glamorous concrete jungle that dazzles people’s eyes and so could it well be. One of my friends from Pittsburgh told me that he felt everything and everyone is so important in New York. People rarely says hi and are always rushing somewhere. He moved back to Pittsburgh after one year in the Big Apple. But to me, it is the little things and the little stories of New York that charm me.

46th and Madison, taken on my midnight ride back home from work

New York (and any other city you call home) is how you live it. There will be a restaurant you always go to when you are hangover, after a night of laughter and fun at a bar that is dear to no one but you. There will be a corner or a bench in Central Park, or Battery Park, or Bryant Park, or Washington Square Park, where you would love to sit down and people watch if you run out of things to do on a Sunday afternoon. You will find your barbershop where you just sit down and they know ‘your’ haircut. You will find your coffee shop where they make your coffee just right. You will find a way to make New York home.

If you ever visit this little neighborhood in Queens called Long Island City, stop by The Beast Next Door. It is our bar. The bar is so out of the way, tucked in a sketchy-looking back street with no houses or business around and next to a construction site. Yet it is the most beautiful bar I have ever been to, with a South American-inspired mural on the wall. Their bartenders go hard on the liquor. For $10 in New York I dare you to find a gin and tonic so large and so full of gin. It is actually a big glass of gin with a touch of tonic. They have live music on Saturday nights, playing local bands and wannabe artists. Most importantly, it is a bar when you can talk. The music fills the gap in your conversation but it’s not too loud, the ceiling is sky high, and people come and go but never does it get too crowded. I stumbled upon it one night as my friends and I got lost in the neighborhood. We hope you will stumble upon it one day too – The Beast Next Door.

The Beast Next Door during holiday season

I think our next post will be about breakfast and brunch, so stay tuned. Have a good weekend!


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