Linh and My. From Hanoi, Vietnam. Twenty-something. A couple who are crazy about cats. Our wish is to become two fat cats and go places with each other.

How did we meet?

We have known each other while studying high school at Hanoi-Amsterdam in Vietnam but we had never actually talked. Little did we know we would be friends some day. It was a couple of hours before Christmas Eve of 2011 when we first met in New York City. We were traveling with a group of mutual friends from high school during our college winter break. The two souls felt clicked in so many different ways, but for more than eight months it was just skinny love. We fell in love on one summer day in Hanoi, our beloved hometown. We have been in a distance relationship since then, 95 out of every 100 days. But distance cannot separate us, distance only makes love go fonder.

What are we doing?

Linh is currently based in New York City and working for an economic consulting firm. My came back to Hanoi, Vietnam after graduation and now lives with her dear parents and little sister. She is investment banking analyst, something she swore to never become when she was in college.

Every year ever since we began in our distance relationship, we make efforts to see each other and to travel at the same time. Our memories were filled with beautiful places, great companions, good food and new experience. Those shall all be remembered in this blog.